Into the Paddock

Into the Paddock is the story of Vogelsang — an operator of a live animal printer at a farm themed theme park — who struggles against the pressures of debt, weird chickens, foul-mouthed coworkers, and international copyright law all while caring for their sick mother.

Listen to it on the Escape Pod website, at Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts!

This story is beautifully narrated and wonderfully produced. Stick around at the end for the host’s astute analysis.

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Out Now – Tōhoku

Tōhoku is out now, and wonderfully read by Kai Hudson.

Listen to it now and three other excellent stories in a single flash fiction episode at the PodCastle website or on Apple Podcasts.

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The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose) — Unfit

The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose) has been reprinted again. This time, in the pages of the stylish Unfit Magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, head over to Unfit Magazine,, or buy Unfit directly from amazon.

As an added bonus, the original short story that spawned the award-winning novel and movie Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is in the pages of this magazine.

That’s right, The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose) was published along side of Orson Scott Card!


Podcastle is a weekly fantasy podcast featuring stories from magic realism to epic fantasy. They also pay authors professional rates. Which is why I’m happy to say that out of 220 stories, listeners and authors voted Tōhoku – a story of grief, family and coping after the 2011 Japanese tsunami- second place in the Podcastle flash fiction contest.

It will be forthcoming from PodCastle in 2019



Observation and perception are misaligned again. Like a pair of temporal cats, sometimes they cuddle, purring together harmoniously, sometimes they stray from one another, sometimes they quarrel.

Right now, they quarrel…

A near-future cyberpunk tale of darkness, addiction, and knowing. Coming soon from Write Ahead/The Future LoomsIMG_8236.JPG.

The Chosen – The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)

Shoreline of Infinity is a science fiction magazine published in Scotland. They are new to the scene, and I was lucky enough to be published in their 8th issue.

In 2018, they won the British Fantasy Society’s award for best magazine, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner. Editor-in-chief Noel Chidwick is a pleasure to work with. Their editorial staff works tirelessly to support the writers that are published in the magazine. They host live events, and support the arts and science fiction community of Scotland.

Also, they publish bloody great stories. The Guardian agrees:

“It’s a strong collection from an international lineup of authors, and standouts include two stories exploring the theme of virtual reality. M Luke McDonell’s “See You Later” is a poignant account of how personalised VR can be used and misused in a failing marriage, while in “The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)” by Nathan Susnik, the protagonist gradually becomes aware of the lie promulgated by his hi-tech reality overlay…”

Give them a try. Pick up the best of their first 11 issues. Digital copies start at about $2.

These stories are chosen as worthy ambassadors for the magazine. Together they represent the character of the magazine – welcoming, challenging, enthralling,  a touch mischievous – and  of course they’re bloody good stories.

Shoreline of Infinity





Siegfried 2.0

“What if someone with a modern MBA and a background in startups wrote a guide to dragon slaying?”

-Charles Christian

Most knights Google “dragon”, read a couple articles, think they’re experts, and then go out and try to act like dragons.

Most knights die...”

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